What is Web Design

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What is web design

What is Web Design?

Web Design is the process of designing of a website that is perfectly displayed on the Internet and creation of the layout and design of the website. Building a website is like building a house, some essential things are needed. 

Important Essentials For Creating Websites

  • Choose a domain name.
  • Procure web hosting and your Domain registration 
  • Install WordPress or other Content Management System
  • Access your WordPress installation
  • Design your website with a customizable theme.
  • Build Your Website's architecture

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is what lets customers find your website on the Internet. It serves as your site's name and is the initial way your customers are introduced to your brand. Most domain names end in .com, but there is a wide variety of endings (called TLDs) to choose from. You want a domain name that draw people end, but is short, easy to remember and not too long to type.

Necessary Components For Web Design

  • Responsive Design
  • String brand identity
  • High-quality
  • A blog
  • Clear calls to action
  • Contact information
  • An easy-to-update CMS

What Steps Are Important To Build A Website?

Broad knowledge is necessary to build any website to tie together all the components together so they are cohesive and effective in conveying your brand and bringing in customers. These are just a few steps in the process:

  • Goal definition: In this stage always understand how you can help your client
  • Scope definition
  • Sitemap and wireframe creation
  • Content creation
  • Visual elements
  • Testing
  • Launch

Essentials Things Remember To Build A Great Website

  • Always give your visitors closure
  • Make sure your site loads fast
  • Apply the von Restorff Effect
  • Write concise headlines
  • Don't make your visitors think
  • Follow the minimalist approach

Fundamental Principles of Good Web Design

  • Less is more - Simplicity Rules.
  • Innovative but not distracting
  • Aesthetically appealing to your target audience
  • Respectful, honest, and engaging
  • Designed for usability and functionality
  • Cohesive in design, down to the details

Many people know a little about coding HTML and making a web page. But web design is more comprehensive and requires more than just some coding, but rather planning and development of a brand, following design principles that draw people in while simultaneously being easy to use, and focused on the goal of turning visitors into customers.

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